Intensive English

Maximize your learning experience and improve your skills without losing any time.
Speaking English is one of the most valuable skills for businesses and institutions. Without question, being able to speak this international language can open doors to countless opportunities. However, sometimes you may need to improve your English level in a short amount of time – our Intensive English course is the solution to that.

Discover how fast you can improve and feel more confident in English when speaking to other people. Our Intensive English course is an excellent way to reach the English level you are aiming for and, at the same time.

Our Focus

Our Intensive English course consists of general English lessons per week. We focus on an approach that facilitates the quick development of your skills. Boost your skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking in English.

  • We focus on learning outcomes through personalized lessons, always thinking about our students’ needs.
  • We place an emphasis on practical communication.
  • We do regular progress testing to understand the next step in your learning process.
  • We have a wide range of real-life materials to practice with.

Intensive English

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